Permanent Exhibition

Permanent Exhibition

The exhibition is a view of a typical classroom of the middle of the XIX century, when children learned to read within two or three winters, and teaching writing was welcomed, but not mandatory.

In the Jannsen’s study which is right next to the classroom visitors can observe the history of Estonian journalism and how Jannsen's leaded  "Perno Postimees or Näddalileht" aheaded newspaper "Talorahva Postimees". The first copy of Perno Postimees issued by a school teacher was released on June 5, 1857.

On the other side of the classroom is a dining room looking into that visitors will get an idea about the life of that time and the overall atmosphere of the Jannsens’ house.

The restless work of a journalist and writer Jannsen and his growing in the time of Vändra popularity, the years spent at the High School for Girls; own debut in the prose and the so-called "big test" of Lydia Yannsen at Tartu University. All together this was the starting point for Lydia to start search of a broad range of activities for herself.

In addition to the period of life in Pärnu house the permanent exibition of the museum covers also the peak of Jannsens’ activities - Tartu years. Museum visitors become the witnesses of rise and fall of popularity of the newspaper "Eesti Postimees", takepart in the first Estonian song festival, watch the birth of the Estonian theater.

In the house, where Lydia spent her childhood and youth there is also an exhibition on the years of her life in marriage the latter of which was the most difficult and turned Michelson’s flat in Kronstadt into a hospital room.

About Koidula Museum

Lydia Koidula's Memorial museum,
Jannseni Str. 37

 Lydia Koidula Memorial Museum is a branch of the Pärnu Museum.

The museum is located in a building of Pärnu school Ülejõe built in 1850 in which J.W Yannsen lived during the period 1850-1863, there also were publishers 'Perno Postimees'. The building is guarded by the Department of Antiquities Protection. The main task of the museum to preserve the memory of these remarkable people like Johann Waldemar Yannsen and his daughter Lydia Koidula, and pass through the exhibition peculiarities of the life and activities of the inhabitants of the villages in the context of the Estonian national awakening in Estonia

The museum of L.Koidula was opened onJuly 21, 1945 in the building in which once was located Pärnu School Ülejõe and which had a memorial plaque with the text: "In this house lived JW Yannsen (1850-1863) and here grew up his daughter, Lydia Koidula. " already in 1924.

As a result of half year intensive work of literature scholar Charles Mihkli the exhibition presents the great poet of the era of national awakening in Estonia just in the spirit of the times in which he lived, worked and fought. Now next to the house work is underway to lay the garden. Initially, the museum had only two rooms, in which lived Yannsens, another 2 rooms moved to the museum in 1951 and in 1959 opened a new exhibition. The display was updated again in 1966. And only in 1974 the school building passed into the possession of the museum as a whole. New opportunities arised for changes, the most important at that time was the arrangement of the Yannsen’s classroom.

Previous exposure experienced a lot of minor and major repair work and in general with the support of minor updates persisted for 22 years. The most important role in the history of the museum in the years played 300 performances "Hour of Spirits in the Yannsen’s street " in the classroom - a few thousand Estonians visited the house of L. Koidula in Pärnu.

In conjunction with the regular maintenance work in the last quarter of 1998 the preparation of a new exhibition began. A year later, the main part of it was ready.

A new concept concerning furniture and the design of the museum arised and tan entrance to the museum was moved so that visitors had to enter from the street right in the classroom.

In fact the new door was a sign of the modern value of the house. Cabinet of J.W Yannsen which served as the office for many years found his historical image, thus, it became the integrity of the architectural image for the entire eastern wing of the school - in the spirit of Yannsen’s time.

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pre-school children
persons persecuted by the occupying regime
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